Applied to home appliances

Applied to home appliances

Use of felt
Recording, film machine series-anti-vibration (dust), insulation, clean computer, camera-anti-vibration (dust), insulation, electromagnetic wave prevention, fax, telephone-anti-vibration, electromagnetic wave prevention, thermal microwave oven, dryer-electromagnetic wave prevention, Insulated air-conditioning—soundproof, anti-vibration, dew prevention, filtration

Applied to general industrial machinery

Various industrial machinery—Vibration-proof, oil-containing lubrication, and friction-resistant motor series—Vibration-proof, oil-containing lubrication, and friction-resistant ultra-fine wire processing—copper wire insulation coating coating dust-proof gas mask—filtering, dust-proof refrigeration and freezing machines— Heat preservation, heat insulation, dew condensation prevention semiconductor, glass, metal-grinding


Used in cars

Engine part-heat insulation, sound insulation, heat resistance Oil filter device of each part-filtration, oil-containing Other parts transportation-heat-resistant, dust-proof, filtering, oil-containing


Used in sports equipment*Medical equipment*Musical instruments

Pianos, percussion instruments-percussion, dust-proof, other gaskets Electronic musical instruments-anti-vibration, dust-proof, insulation, other gaskets Sports equipment-pads to prevent sports injuries, other medical equipment-pads for rehabilitation equipment, others Stamp pad-oil storage, oil storage black / whiteboard wipe-soft and non-scratch black / whiteboard, wear-resistant, wipe clean. Painting and calligraphy felt, using high-quality pure wool or fiber as raw material, suitable for painting and calligraphy, the felt surface is even and white Soft and flexible, it can set off the rice paper, so that the painting and calligraphy lovers can move the brush freely and feel comfortable. When the work is full of ink, it will not run off the ink, and it has the effect of holding the ink. Also, because the wool can absorb moisture and has the effect of absorbing ink, It greatly reflects the good performance of dehydration and ink preservation, especially for drawing traditional Chinese paintings. It can produce flowers with wonderful brushes. The painting and calligraphy felt is economical, complete in grades, convenient and durable. It is a necessary auxiliary material for the four treasures of the study.



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