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  • Feb
    Types of felt: Material guide for felt crafts

    1. What is felt craft?Fabric is new completely and it is completely different from other fabric. Using fabric you can do many things easily. Several industries use fabric for their purpose. Felt is a non-woven fabric that provides several benefits. This is one of the oldest types of fabric and it ca

  • Feb
    Felt Bag Diy:7 Steps are enough

    1. Introduce of felt tote bagFelt is a very simple and durable product. In the market, you will find different types of felt items. Apart from all felt item, felt bag is very popular and there are different shape and size felt bags available in the market. You can choose any type of felt bag as per

  • Dec
    8 tips tell you why the felt bag is so popular

    8 tips tell you why the felt bag is so popular

  • Dec
    Why Do You Need a Felt Mat?

    Why Do You Need a Felt Mat?Felt mats are available in various designs, and are highly durable. It is also easy to clean them, and not much energy or time is needed for their maintenance. The market abounds in many felt table and cup mat retailers and manufacturers who sell bulk mats and offer nice d

  • Dec
    Felt products make life better

    1. What are felt products?Felt is one type of textile material that is made by matting, condensing, and pressing fibers as well. Using wool or animal far people create felt. This product is the best for a cool climate. It makes you warm from the inside. Using normal craft scissors you can cut fe

  • Dec
    The properties of felt

    There are many occasions for using felt materials, such as home furnishing, industry, agriculture, etc., which are now widely liked by young people.

  • Dec
    A simple guide to fabric pots

    What are fabric pots?

  • Nov
    Can felt washed and dried?

    Felt is one of the best textile materials which provide different types of garments, felt box, felt hanging box, woolen materials, etc.

  • Aug
    Millaifelt.com – Best Quality Felt Products

    At millaifelt.com, with the considerable dedication to quality and design, we produce our goods from pure, organic natural wool felt with the utmost caution and in keeping with an ancient community tradition.

  • Jul
    Millaifelt.com – Find Felt Products Different and Alluring

    There are many multiple kinds of felt, from artisan felts to garments felts to rug felts. This is the consequence of several production processes and combinations of materials. A simple differentiation is provided amongst moist and dried felt. Moist felting refers to the conventional handcrafted tec

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