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Millai:Your professional felt shopping bag manufacturer

Millai is one of the professional felt shopping bag manufacturers. 
We provide customers with all kinds of felt shopping bags, with high quality and affordable prices, and we can also customize shopping bags. 
Send us your drawing and inquiry. You will get an awesome felt shopping bag.

Millai: Your Leading Felt Shopping Bag Manufacturer

The reason why millai can become a shopping bag manufacturer in more than 30 countries around the world is because millai has high-quality factory hardware conditions and professional service attitude.
Millai:A High-Quality felt pet and cat house supplier and wholesaler
15 years of production experience​​​​​​​​​​​​​​
Design customized service​​​​​​​
Automation equipment
Professional shopping bag manufacturer

Millai felt shopping bag:Multifunctional shopping bag to provide you with life convenience

The spacious dimensions of the bag provide ample storage space. And if you do not use the bag, you can fold it up easily and save space.
Practical & Durable bag
The premium felt bag is made of 5mm durable felt, 5mm thick felt makes the bag resistant and stable. Absolutely skin friendly. To clean, use a vacuum cleaner or damp cloth.
Easy to clean
Compact & neat design, ideal for storing and transporting newspapers, magazines and books; also suitable as a shopping basket. 
Widely applications
These felt bags are made of 100% polyester, in an elegant monochrome stem. 
Eco-friendly material

Millai felt shopping bag:A variety of styles are suitable for a variety of occasions

Millai felt shopping bag:Can install a variety of things to facilitate your travel

Millai has a professional customisation team and if our existing products do not meet your needs, you can send us a customisation request. We will customize the felt shopping bag for you according to your requirements 
(detailed customization description)

Millai felt shopping bag: we are the best felt shopping bag manufacturer and wholesaler

As a felt shopping bag manufacturer, millai always provides customers with versatile and practical felt shopping bags.
Millai can provide customers with a variety of customized felt shopping bags, including colors and shapes.
 And the felt shopping bag provided by Millai is sturdy, durable and heavy, which is very suitable for shopping.

Frequently Asked Question

  • Q What's the difference with other factories?

    A We have a young design team, and update new and fashionable styles.
  • Q What are your advantages in foreign trade?

    A We have 15 years of import and export experience.can skilled in shipping, air transportation and customs clearance
  • Q Do you hace a warranty?

    A Yes,We guarantee after-sale treatment
  • Q How about logo?

    A can use our logo , also can customize it to your needs
  • Q can you provide OEM and ODM service?

    Yes, OEM service is available,also we have our own brand “Millai”and “Joymindy”.
  • Q How to determine the order quality ?

    A we can comfirm according to sample, or The terms of the contract

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