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Millai - make life orderly !

These hot sales are the result of our team's efforts. The designer is professional, and her inspiration will come from the market reserch, the love for art and the needs of life.Many times, in the process of thinking collision with customers, we will get inspiration and confidence, and feel the needs of customers with heart, because we want every work full of hope!
We do not pursue the commercial value of design works, we only care about the excellence of each work! Any tiny flaw, any psychological dissatisfaction, is a major mistake in the eyes of our designers. Often, we will work hard for a simple detail. The design comes from inspiration, but also from perception and diligence. Our requirements for the perfection of the work are sacrosanct.
In the same way, we hope to get the advice and creativity of all our friends. We will continue to create all kinds of beautiful works to decorate our life.


Hexagon Felt Board Felt Pin Board Wall Stickers Board for Wall Decoration

Hexagonal felt board: decorative wall, more beautiful and tidy, felt board can be used as memorandum and bulletin board, can also put some photos to do cultural wall, the most popular is the theme decoration of kindergarten.
Good quality assured use: made of felt material, green material harmless to human body, durable, can be used for a long time.
Size: the standard size is 30cm x 26cm x 9cm, which can be used as a single piece or combined into a cultural wall according to your own needs
Colorful felt: 24 kinds of colors can be selected, the design is more beautiful, more fashionable, can be customized according to their own preferences. The color of youth is deeply loved by children.
Easy to use: our felt board can be used in the kitchen, office or children's room. Easy to tape to any wall without drilling.
It can be easily used between the the mattress and couch cushions, a good choice for bedroom, living room 
Light and flexible, easy to carry, easy to clean, is a good companion at home.
Suitable for books  magazines, phones, headphones, remote controls and pens,  etc.
Cutting and sewing process, made of felt with exquisite workmanship, soft touch ,last forever and never go out of style.
Jewelry storage book display is like a book, Pages can be increased or decreased, make your life orderly.
You can redesign the plates,e.g: earrings, necklaces, bracelets and rings according to your needs. 
Neat, fashionable and classy. At the same time, it plays a very good role in protecting our jewelry
Travel, make-up, travel and go home ,this book display is good travel partner.
 This is the best gift for friends, girlfriends, mothers, wives.
The catlike cat house is beautiful and practical, and the size can be selected
Don't worry about its firmness. It's very stereoscopic, durable and can bear weight
Diversified styles, we can redesign according to our own needs
The cat is afraid of cold, while the felt is soft and warm, which is the ideal home for the cat. The color can be customized according to your own needs,   constant price with a large quantity.
Advantage:  Felt shopping bag is at the forefront of fashion to win the return rate
Customized:  sizes,Color,logo,can be customised with your favourite .
Use: Versatile, trendy and durable, The bag has large carry handles for comfortable carrying 
 The bag is soft and easy to clean,Strong and durable
For girls, the decorative function is far greater than its practicality, and this mini bag has both decorative and practical functions. The small size can put 3 lipsticks, and the large size can put 4 lipsticks.
It will be bling bling when take out from the backpack at any time
 Because there is a small mirror, it will not be restricted by the environment, you can make up anytime, anywhere

Felt Round bucket
hanging bag

Well-constructed and most suited for felt round bucket bag with plenty of space.
This is an amazing round bag made of felt and leatherette You may hold there purses mobile phones sun glasses smaller books amp bottles and other important things..

Felt red wine
gift bag

These felt red wine gift bag perfect for home storage, gift and glass bottles packaging in birthday, housewarming,dinner parties, weddings,festival celebration and other special occasions. Besides wine, it could be used for any small gift item or favors. 
Felt women Shoulder Bags 2020 OEM logo fashion casual bag shopping bag 
1. Advantages: Women's shoulder bags can be used in 54 colors, the backpack cost is low, and durable, we can buy multiple to match in different moods and different occasions.
2. Customization: size, color, customized according to your own design.
3. Purpose: As a fashionable backpack, walking on the street will be a beautiful scenery.
4.Easy to clean, slightly stained, just wipe off with a wet towel

Multi-style Felt insert bag organizer bag inner bag customizable

The soft material feels good, but it also makes our bag flat and without shape. After using the inner bag, the bag is elegant and stylish.
Many big-brand bags have no compartments inside, so we put things in a mess. After using the inner bag, the items can be sorted well.
The size and design can be based on our pictures or actual needs.



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