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What is a Dumb Waiter Lift? | Dumbwaiter FAQs

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1. What is a dumbwaiter?

Dumbwaiter is a small type of lift which mainly installed in a large size hotel and resturants and it is situated in the kitchen area. Now, the purpose of this type of elevator is to bring foods up and dirty dishes and glasses back down from dinning room. It helps resturant stuff to save their timeand effort. Stuff easily gets food at dinning room and kitchen labour easily gets dirty dishes at kitchen room. It helps to save valuable time an effort both. It is one type of essential and hidden tool for kitchen and hotels. To know more details about this type of lift, read this article now!Untitled-15

Dumbwaiter elevator includes several features. This will be always small in size and you can use a metal body or glass body as per your choice. This is completely for restaurant use and it helps to move food easily from one floor to another floor. It has lots of security features and you have to measures all the features properly. You have to consult with the proper advisor or experienced company in this field and from them, you have to take an idea about the matter. You have to make a checkpoint and then analyze and find all the details from the manufacturer and then go for the installation.

2. The history of the dumbwaiter

Presently, in most of the five-star hotels, restaurants implemented this Dumb waiter lift to up and down foods and dirty dishes very easily. It helps to serve people food fast and it will also help to make dishes clean fast. This is fast technology and it takes very small space and a small cabin to make. This is a very old type of lift and most of the big hotels already launched this lift.


Space is very important but to install a dumb waiter you don’t need to create lots of space. If you have a large space, fine you may create a dumbwaiter but if you have a small size then you should choose a small elevator. Now, choose us to know more details about the elevator installation. We have a large team who offer superior quality services at the best price. We check your house size and free space and we will guide you on what type of elevator will be suitable for you! Find the best deal from us because we have experienced and we also have a solid technical team

3. Why is it called a dumbwaiter?

There are different types of dumb waiters available and people may choose anyone as per their need. The minimum size can be 20 inches wide and 16 inches deep. You can choose 30 inches high maximum. The cost of this type of lift is also standard. Based on the size, features and company price will decide but approx $5000 need for installing such lift. It helps in the kitchen to serve food up easily and it saves their valuable time. people who are waiting for food, they don’t need to wait too long. Just place their order, wait for few minutes and they will get their product easily.


There are different types of dumb waiters available in the market. if you choose us, we can offer you above stated elevators. you just need to check and select the best designing dumbwaiter elevator as per your wish! Price for a different designing elevator will be always different. if you want to know the price quote, before that, you have to know what types of dumb waiter you wish to buy! Your area, space, and budget also play an important role. you can consult with us to know more details about the dumb waiter installation. we are the best manufacturer of elevator parts and we can deliver within time.

4. How does a dumbwaiter work?

Presently, dumb waiter is more modified and this is performing using electricity. The features of this dumb waiter are increasing day by day and now if you want to install it you will get updated version lift always. You can easily operate as it is friendly in nature and installation price is also negociable. You don’t need to hand pull to up and down this lift. In past people operate this type of lift by their hand but now you will get updated version and updated technology products.

First is safety this is a very vital point.  As this type of elevator will use within the kitchen to dining so safety precaution is very important. Second, you have to ask for price quotes from different companies and then choose the best one for you! You have to also take care of the energy consumption. Less energy is always important than the right one. You have to understand how to do proper maintenance. if you don't have much idea, then choose local professionals for this purpose. There are several points you have to measure before you select the right elevator. Choose the best deal online now! Consult with us and we will provide you complete details.


Any type of elevator always needs maintenance. The dumb waiter needs proper maintenance. It needs regular inspection, if you don't have much idea about the inspection process, you can choose a local elevator installer. They are professional and they charge fewer amounts for this service. We all want in our life improvement. The more we will increase our living the more we will get profit.  The dumb waiter lift always increases our standard of living. It's very essential to increase our standard of living. Using a dumb waiter lift, you can transfer foods and dishes and equipment related to the kitchen and down all the dirty dishes and trays easily.

You can customize dumb waiter if you wish always. Based on your space, you need to draw a special elevator. You can use any color, shape, and size. You may also add some exclusive features within the dumb waiter lift. The dumb waiter has its shape and size which needs a very minimal space and it provides you lots of free space. The lift should be built in a way so kitchen chefs can up more food together. You need a proper metal body, safety features, and design to make this dumb waiter perfect always.  

5. How much does a dumbwaiter cost?

In the past, the cost was for installing a dumbwaiter is $2000 approx but now, you will get more modernized and advance technology dumb waiter so the price of the lift is increasing. Now, if you want to install a dumb waiter then you have to invest $5000 to $6500 approx price. You will get the best quality superior quality with advance features dumb waiter. Based on your space and location, the company will offer you a price quote. You can choose any type of metal for this purpose. Most of the big restaurants and hotel cum restaurants are now preferring dumb waiters for their kitchen to dining place because it saves valuable time and it has a sophisticated look. Previously people installed this backside of the kitchen and dining now you can create a designing dumb waiter which guests can check or look! It will create a good impression and it will also now increase the value of the restaurant.

People always prefer some restaurant where they get some luxury features. If you will install a Dumbwaiter at your hotel, it will also increase the value of the hotel instantly. The cost of the installation varies because it depends on the features you need within the elevator and the size and legth of the elevator are also matters. You have to finalize what quality you need for your elevator and metal body or glass body as well. You can install a designing dumb waiter and for that, you may need to pay around $5000! But if you wish, you can use a small elevator with fewer features and the cost of such an elevator is very less. It’s always important to install a dumb waiter if you have a huge kitchen and floors. There are several restaurant or hotel business owners in our society who have multistoried buildings or hotels. So, to up and down the food they need an elevator. Dum waiter lifts through very rare but it's useful and effective as well. 

6. The future

Future of this type of lift is good. Presently, most of the high profile hotels and resturants love to install this type of designing dumbwaiter for their kicthe, It not only help to serve food fast or get dirty dishes fast but it will also increase the value of your kitchen. You can create beautiful designing glass work dumbwaiter to make it more attractive. People would like to watch food will come from down and dirty plates will go down easily. Or if you wish, you can covered and your guests will unable to watch the process.

As per your hotel size and free space, professionals need to check and analyze what types of dumbwaiter lift you can able to install. Proper size will be requiring installing a dumb waiter. Professionals will check and analyze and then finalize the elevator size. Choose the best dumb waiter lift as per your need and requirement and then proceed. Find the best deal online and then proceed. If you have a kitchen lift then it will increase property value and you can able to get a huge amount after the sale. future of this type of dumb waiter lift is very high and the demand for such types of lift is increasing day by day.



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