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Felt pouches wholesale

Millai provides wholesale felt pouches wholesale, because it is well known that in the current global trade, felt pouches can provide more benefits than any other material pouches. 
As we all know, they are not easy to tear, not easy to wear, soft to the touch and easy to divide, durable and warm but light weight.These felt pouches are easy to clean and are available in a variety of colors and thicknesses. 
The felt pouches produced by our company are available in different sizes.In addition, the felt raw materials of the felt pouches we sell are strictly controlled, and high-quality raw materials are selected to ensure the quality of felt pouches.
If you are looking for felt pouches not listed above, you may need to customize felt pouches, please contact us immediately. We are very willing to provide you with help and cooperation.

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Millai : Felt pouches supplier in China
As one of the leading felt pouches manufacturers and suppliers in China, Millai can meet the different needs of customers. 
We provide wholesale ordinary felt pouches and felt zipper pouch, including bulk wear-resistant, easy-to-clean and brightly colored felt pouches Therefore, Millai's felt pouches are ideal for everyday life. Choose felt pouches sold by Millai to make your product stand out from the competition. Please feel free to contact us to learn more about our products and services.

Millai - Felt pouches Manufacturer

Millai is one of the most reliable wholesale suppliers of various felt pouches in China. Our factory uses the latest technology to manufacture high-end felt pouches, which can help you control the quality of felt pouches. We have hired skilled designers who can create your ideal felt pouches design to meet your needs.

OEM/ODM Services

In order to meet the market's demand and provide the suitable solution,Millai ,as a felt pouches wholesale,offers professional customized service  for the customers. 
Our disciplined team approach allows us to be ahead of our competition in product development cycle time without compromising quality. 
Millai is committed to delivering quality solutions to our customers through our OEM/ODM services. 
We are an expert in our field, as you are with yours. 
Millai is committed to serving global solution integrators with flexible tailor-made designs and manufacturing services
Delivered straight from our corporate OEM/ODM Team, the felt pouches benefit our clients by lower manufacturing costs as well as a shorter 
lead-time for product development.
The following are the OEM services you can enjoy at Millai:
Product Design Service
OEM logo printing
Frequently Asked Question

  • Q What's the difference with other factories?

    A We have a young design team, and update new and fashionable styles.
  • Q What are your advantages in foreign trade?

    A We have 15 years of import and export experience.can skilled in shipping, air transportation and customs clearance
  • Q Do you hace a warranty?

    A Yes,We guarantee after-sale treatment
  • Q How about logo?

    A can use our logo , also can customize it to your needs
  • Q can you provide OEM and ODM service?

    Yes, OEM service is available,also we have our own brand “Millai”and “Joymindy”.
  • Q How to determine the order quality ?

    A we can comfirm according to sample, or The terms of the contract

No matter which type of felt pouch you want to use, Millai will always be there to help you. Just contact us for support, information and advice.



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