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Millai:professional and efficient felt makeup bags wholesaler and supplier

Welcome to Millai!Millai is a professional felt makeup bag wholesaler and We are mainly engaged in felt makeup bag wholesale.
We can provide you with various styles of felt makeup bag, which can store the cosmetics you need for daily or travel
Send us your design drawing or specifications. 
We are going to offer you a perfect fashion handbag.

Millai:A High-Quality Felt Makeup Bags Wholesaler And Supplier

Millai, with its high-quality products and excellent design capabilities, provides felt makeup bag wholesale services to more than 30 countries around the world.

Professional hand sewing

Exquisite hand stitching adds sophistication to the makeup bag.

Professional equipment

Millai adopts fully automated production to ensure production capacity and quality, and to ensure timely delivery.

Quality assurance

We have set up a dedicated quality inspection team to ensure product quality and customer experience.

High-quality felt raw materials

Millai uses high-quality felt materials to ensure product quality, so that customers can buy products with confidence.

Millai felt makeup bag wholesale:which is suitable for daily use or travel to storage.

Millai's felt makeup bag is suitable for many occasions, providing customers with more diversified choices
Easy to clean
Millai felt makeup bag is with high quality felt material, which is waterproof and easy to clean
Big enough
Big enough to hold your day-to-day makeup like lipstick lip gloss makeup brushes eyeshadow and so on
Keeps all your stuff nice and organized so you don't have to go looking for everything all the time For Home, Office, School, Travel, the gym, camping, hiking and vacation trips
Water-resistent and durable fabric protects your gear from spills, easy to wipe down

Millai :A felt makeup bags supplier provide multiple styles for you to choose

Millai : A felt makeup bag wholesale suppliers provides suitable for multiple kinds of cosmetic

OEM/ODM Services

Millai has a professional customization team. If our existing products cannot meet your needs, you can send us a customized request. We will customize felt wall stickers for you according to your needs
Millai is committed to serving global solution integrators with flexible tailor-made designs and manufacturing services. Delivered straight from
our corporate OEM/ODM Team, the felt storage bag benefit our clients by lower manufacturing costs as well as a shorter lead-time for product development.

Millai felt makeup bags: we are the best makeup bag wholesale suppliers

As a felt makeup bags manufacturer, Millai completes every large order of felt makeup bags from customers with stable quality, perfect capacity, beautiful appearance and perfect sewing technology.
And Millai can provide professional felt makeup bags design services for customers who need felt makeup bags. Millai's professional designers will design and produce felt makeup bags that meet customer needs according to customer needs.

Frequently Asked Question

  • Q What's the difference with other factories?

    A We have a young design team, and update new and fashionable styles.
  • Q What are your advantages in foreign trade?

    A We have 15 years of import and export experience.can skilled in shipping, air transportation and customs clearance
  • Q Do you hace a warranty?

    A Yes,We guarantee after-sale treatment
  • Q How about logo?

    A can use our logo , also can customize it to your needs
  • Q can you provide OEM and ODM service?

    Yes, OEM service is available,also we have our own brand “Millai”and “Joymindy”.
  • Q How to determine the order quality ?

    A we can comfirm according to sample, or The terms of the contract

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Felt makeup bags FAQ Guide

1.What types of makeup bags are there?
2.What are the advantages of makeup bags?
3.What cosmetics can be stored in makeup bags?
4.What are the materials of makeup bags?
5.What are the advantages of Felt makeup bags?
6.How to choose the right makeup bags?
7.What is the capacity of makeup bags?
8.Can makeup bags be carried on travel?
9.What are the functions of makeup bags?
10.How to clean and store makeup bags?
11.How long is the life of makeup bags?
12.How to control the quality of large quantities of makeup bags?
13.Felt makeup bags VS Leather makeup bags
14.Why choose felt to make makeup bags?
15.As a makeup bags supplier, what service can millai provide to customers?

1.What types of makeup bags are there?

A makeup bag is something that every woman, girl, and teenager, even kids also loves. Girls always prefer different types of makeup bags because they love to do makeup! 
Makeup bags not only keep all the makeup item but it will also provide safety of the products. There are different stylish, fashionable makeup bags available in the market. You can choose different shapes and size bags as per your makeup products or volume. 
For individual small or medium size makeup bag is the best but for Professional, they need huge cosmetics to keep, so large size makeup bag is perfect for them.

There are two types of makeup bag you will find from us. 

Cosmetic makeup bag- This bag is specially designed for cosmetic products. You can put different types of cosmetics within this bag. This bag will contain different pockets and every pocket includes some space. So, you can keep different cosmetic items in different pockets like you can keep lips tic, eyeliner, face powder, etc. at different places so that you can identify them easily. Professionals have more than 30-40 types’ lipstick shade and colors. So, they need urgently a superior quality makeup bag where they can keep their makeup products easily.  
Jewelry bag – This is another type of bag which mainly for keeping jewelry. Sometimes whenever we went we want to keep our jewelry with us. For jewelry, we need some superior quality bag where our jewelry will be safe, whether it’s gold or any other metal or stone setting jewelry as well. 

2.What are the advantages of makeup bags?

Makeup bags are very simple to carry. It’s small and durable and long-lasting. 
You can choose a makeup bag for cotton or any other type of fabric as per your need. Whether you need a small size or large size, just mention your size and we are ready to customize your order always. 
We always focus on customers' needs. Choose any type of makeup bag as per your need. A small size makeup bag is perfect for travel because you can keep important jewelry within the bag and keep it within your main bag. So, it’s very easy to carry and you can make any kind of stylish look using your jewelry.

3.What cosmetics can be stored in makeup bags?

Daily skin care products, makeup, makeup tools, jewelry
There are different types of cosmetics you can put within the makeup box. 
Based on your makeup products or need, you have to choose the best-shaped makeup box. 
If you are a wholesaler, business owners, and looking for a customized makeup box with any design, shape, and color, we are also ready to do that! 
You can store in your makeup bag easily any type of products like makeup tools, daily skincare products, jewelry, and makeup other items. You can put any type of cosmetic items like cream, perfume, snow, lipstick, eyeliner, earrings, jewelry etc. 
Choose any type of makeup bag from us and place your order now!

4.What are the materials of makeup bags?

We use different types of the felt item for creating makeup boxes. Felt is soft and lasts long. So, the advantage is, if you will maintain the felt box properly, you will get many benefits. It will last longer and it will be water-resistant. 
You can choose any type of felt item like cotton or silk and use it. Cotton felt items will be always soft and if you will choose a cotton felt cosmetic box, it will last long. 
You have to choose the best deal on cotton materials and then choose the best design. We have readymade designs, you can choose any design as per your choice, or you can provide us your design. We will check and confirm with you whether we can make a beautiful makeup design or not!

5.What are the advantages of Felt makeup bags?

Soft – Felt are always soft and once you buy felt makeup bag, you will get soft item. You can fold makeup bag anytime you wish within your bag and it take very minimum space for that!

Easy to fold – As because felt makeup bag is soft and durable, it can be folded anytime you wish! 
Moisture proof – Yes, this bag is also moisture proof. It has some special property which help to absorb moisture and make your felt bag suitable. 

Light weight – Felt bag is always lightweight. Its very light weight and it provide several benefits. You can easily carry in your hand or within your travel bag. 

Choose any color – Customers are able to choose any color they wish. Select any coloring bags as per your need and requirement. 

6.How to choose the right makeup bags?

Based on your need and requirement, you have to choose the right bag. 
Before select any shape, size, and color of the bag, first understand the purpose and consider few points. 
Based on your use, you need to choose a cosmetic bag. An individual always has some purpose. If you will need to use the bag for cosmetics and all, then a medium or small size felt bag is the best option. You can choose any type of color as per your need. 
There are different types of felt cosmetic bags available in the market and you may choose any type of felt bag as per your need and requirement.

7.What is the capacity of makeup bags?

Capacity will depend on what purpose and how many products you want to carry. 
First, you have to decide the purpose of the cosmetic bag and your makeup and jewelry volume. Once you identify your purpose, need then you can identify what type of cosmetic bag you need, its size, and length. 
Now, based on that you can keep many cosmetic products easily within the bag. You can keep your makeup bag in the car or your travel bag. 
Based on your need and requirement you have to choose a cosmetic bag. The capacity of cosmetic bag is huge and it provides several benefits.

8.Can makeup bags be carried on travel?

If you choose the cosmetic bag, jewelry bag, small or medium in shape and size, you can easily carry a felt cosmetic bag anytime for travel purposes. It helps to keep your desire cosmetic with you during travel and it makes you feel happy always. 
As a felt bag is moisture-resistant, so you can keep it anywhere you wish. You can travel with this bag anytime anywhere very simply. 
This is woolen properties and it is warm from the inside. Felt cosmetic bags are very popular because it’s durable, soft, and able to keep all the soft items very safely. 
This type of bag has the water-resistant capability. The price of such a bag is also lower and there are different purposes where you can use such types of bags.

9.What are the functions of makeup bags?

The main purpose of a makeup bag is to carry different types of makeup items. 
Whether you are a professional or a makeup man or an individual and looking for some superior quality makeup bags, then we are the best option for you. 
Most of the people prefer felt cosmetic bag because it’s low cost and durable. This type of cosmetic bag also lasts long. You can choose bulk cosmetic bags at a low cost and sell as per your need! 
We offer a low rate for bulk orders. Whether you are a business owner or manufacturer, low-cost items are always best.

10.How to clean and store makeup bags?

1. Wash felt with cold water – yes, its very simple and easy to maintain. Just use normal cold water and wash felt item anytime you wish!
2. Wool felt should not be bleached. -  If you will buy wool felt cosmetic bag, then you should be careful whenever you are going to clean. Never use bleached for this purpose. 
3. Choose neutral lotion for cleaning- You can try any type of natural lotion for cleaning purposes. Choose any type of cleaning lotion which is best for makeup bags and use it. 
4. Wash by hand, do not use brush, do not use washing machine, so as not to damage the appearance – 
5.  After cleaning, hang it in a ventilated place and dry it in the air. If it needs to be dried, please use low-temperature drying

11.How long is the life of makeup bags?

If you maintain your cosmetic bag properly, then it will last up to 5 years. 
The makeup bag is durable and the felt makeup bag also lasts long. You need to use cold water to wash the felt cosmetic bag and clean it. Normal cold water is sufficient to clean the fashion cosmetic felt bags. 
If you will have a wool felt bag then it's always better to avoid belching powder or any type of surf during cleaning. If you will use it, then it may damage the felt cosmetic bag. 
You can also choose normal lotion for cleaning. It's always better to avoid brush and use your hand to clean the felt. Choose the best quality felt item online now!

12.How to control the quality of large quantities of makeup bags?

1. Arrange production according to order requirements
2. Computer drawing, machine cutting
3. Sampling inspection and warehousing inspection by quality inspector
4. Packing personnel will check the final clearance according to the order requirements.We are one of the best manufacturing companies who offer quality makeup bags always to our all clients all over the world. 
We have a large production team and we always focus on customers' needs. We have a proper production process and we follow such production process always to get the best quality result. 
If you want to buy fashionable and long-lasting stylish cosmetic felt bags, then you should choose us. These kinds of felt cosmetic bags are durable and long-lasting. 
We offer always quality felt cosmetic bags that are durable and it does not need lots of maintenance. Just use clean cold water and wash it. You can clean such types of bags within a few minutes.

13.Felt makeup bags VS Leather makeup bags

Price: Leather bag is expensive ,Cheap leather doesn't last long

Leather bags are not waterproof or wear resistant
The felt bag is young and stylish, easy to shape, and everyone can have their own custom made
Both types of bags are very popular and both have their specific benefits. It's up to you, which cosmetic bag you would like to buy from us. 
Leather bags are expensive and you have to maintain them well. If you can’t maintain a leather bag properly, then it will not stay very long. Felt cosmetic bags are always durable and long-lasting. 
Another best advantage is, felt makeup bags are very less weighty, and you don’t need to maintain them properly. Just wash in normal cold water or machine use and keep it in a cool place that’s all! 
Choose any type of felt makeup bag as per your need and requirement. Felt cosmetic bags are never cut or damaged but if you will choose the leather bag, without proper maintenance bag may be damaged very easily.

14.Why choose felt to make makeup bags?

Light and easy to carry 
Soft and easy to store
The felt is easy to clean
The cost is low

It’s very simple to use because felt is lightweight and durable. Felt is always simple and soft. So, the felt makeup box is very soft and smooth. You can easily fold the bag and keep it anywhere. You can easily store this type of bag within any place. Another best benefit is if you will choose a felt makeup bag, it will last longer and you can easily clean using normal water.

15.As a makeup bags supplier, what service can millai provide to customers?

Design, we have a design team
Foreign trade experience, we have 15 years of import and export experience, to ensure the smooth customs clearance of goods to the customer hands
Quality, we are a professional felt factory, from felt cloth to production, shipment, can be professional check.
If you will choose us, you will get the best quality makeup boxes as per your need and requirement. We are ready to provide bulk quantity products as per your wish! 
We have a large production department and we also have an inspection team and packing team. We have more than 20,000+ designs and you may choose from them any kind of felt makeup bag design or if you wish, you can provide your customized design. 
We are ready to make any type of stylish makeup bag as per your need! We have experienced people who know how to make suitable, durable, and stylish beautiful felt makeup bags as per your order! Our all employees have strong knowledge about this field and they know how to behave with you publicly and privately.

We are always ready to provide strong customer care service. And after receiving our products, if our client finds any error or wrong item, we will cancel the shipment and send you fresh materials within time. We will deliver the product within time. 



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