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Can felt washed and dried?

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Can felt washed and dried?

Felt is one of the best textile materials which provide different types of garments, felt box,felt hanging box, woolen materials, etc. If you want to start your business with felt products, then it's always better to choose us! we can produce bulk quantity product as per your need and it helps to save your time and effort. We are even able to use your logo and company address and dispatch your product. So, that once you receive you will start using it.

Guideline for felt use

There are some basic steps you have to follow while you are going to clean felt products. Felt is a lightweight and very durable product but you can't use some chemicals and brushes to wash such thin and lightweight products. Use always cold water to wash felt garments or products. Use your hand always to wash it properly. Always remember after wash doesn't go for the iron. You don't need to use the iron for such products. Only hand wash and after dry start using it. And never use a washing machine to wash felt products.

You don't need to use hot water to clean felt products. Once you will use hot water it will remove all the softness and it will make a disaster. And dry naturally, machine dryness removes its softness always. Maintain the above-stated rules and your felt products will stay long always. 

Do you need felt items?

If you are a distributor or supplier or any other businessman and looking for ready-made felt items then we are the best one. We can customize your order like we can manufacturer the felt you need exactly. We can provide mix felt, cotton felt, or woolen felt as well. Quality will be guaranteed. You don't need to worry about the quality. 

We have an inspection team, they will check throughout the process, and once provide a green signal then only we will send products for dispatch. Place order as much as you possible and we will deliver on time. 

Place order anytime

You can place an order anytime whenever you need it! We offer strong customer care service. You can choose our service anytime. If you provide us bulk orders, we may provide you some special discounts which help to save money. Choosing us is always the right decision and that will prove in the future. We are always ready to offer you best-felt quality products. 

Our process is simple 

Yes, we offer a simple process and once you follow our process, you have to submit order details. We will confirm your order details and send you our price quotation based on your order details. You have to accept that details and need to paid before star processing. Once you paid, we will start processing. We also offer strong after-sales service. If by any chance you will find the wrong product or low quality, we will replace it free of cost entire product lot as well. so, place an order without any hesitation. 



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