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About Design

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A customer once asked me who designed these styles. I think this question should also have many friends curious? In order to help everyone better understand, today I will talk about our design team, and there are several design inspirations for the explosion.millai felt product


These hot sales are the result of our team's efforts. The designer is professional, and her inspiration will come from the market reserch, the love for art and the needs of life.Many times, in the process of thinking collision with customers, we will get inspiration and confidence, and feel the needs of customers with heart, because we want every work full of hope!


We do not pursue the commercial value of design works, we only care about the excellence of each work! Any tiny flaw, any psychological dissatisfaction, is a major mistake in the eyes of our designers. Often, we will work hard for a simple detail. The design comes from inspiration, but also from perception and diligence. Our requirements for the perfection of the work are sacrosanct!


In the same way, we hope to get the advice and creativity of all our friends. We will continue to create all kinds of beautiful works to decorate our life.


Millai ,make life orderly!



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