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History shows us how mats were essentially practical objects that were used to provide warmth, but they are also great canvases where scenes from everyday life or great deeds were portrayed on many occasions so that they were immortalized. Thus, they have been, are, and will be treasured historical and artistic testimonies, which, by the way, keep their feet warm. All in one!
Today, wool felted mat ,including felt car mat,felt desktop mat,felt mouse mat,felt table mat,are trending, and so we are going to talk why should you buy one?
Wool felted mats are authentic works of art in every way, both from a technical point of view, as well as aesthetically and functionally.

As your Best wool felt mat Manufacturer in China
we provide you...

If the felt cup mat is handmade, there will be no other like it. You will have an exclusive work in your house and that gives even more value to a decorative object that also has enormous functionality. The felt cup mat adds a great value to consider in your home.

Felt table mats are undoubtedly the most sought after and everything has its reasons. We all know about the comfort these mats bring and the pleasure they bring to the eyes and the touch, but there is more. 


OEM/ODM Services

In order to meet the market's demand and provide the suitable wool felted mat,Millai offers professional customized service  for the customers. Our disciplined team approach allows us to be ahead of our competition in product development cycle time without compromising quality. Millai is committed to delivering quality solutions to our customers through our OEM/ODM services. We are an expert in our field, as you are with yours. Millai is committed to serving global solution integrators with flexible tailor-made designs and manufacturing services. Delivered straight from
our corporate OEM/ODM Team, the wool felted mats benefit our clients by lower manufacturing costs as well as a shorter lead-time for product development.

Other Felt Products
(Key Products Recommended)

Felt soft cat pet house Manufacturer
Comfortable soft pet cat house  

The catlike cat house is beautiful and practical, and the size can be selected
Don't worry about its firmness. It's very stereoscopic, durable and can bear weight
Diversified styles, we can redesign according to our own needs
The cat is afraid of cold, while the felt is soft and warm, which is the ideal home for the cat. The color can be customized according to your own needs,   constant price with a large quantity.

Felt Leisure convenient shopping bag
woman shoulder bag felt Tote bag

Advantage:  Felt shopping bag is at the forefront of fashion to win the return rate
Customized:  sizes,Color,logo,can be customised with your favourite .
Use: Versatile, trendy and durable, The bag has large carry handles for comfortable carrying 
 The bag is soft and easy to clean,Strong and durable

Felt Jewelry Organizer book rack Jewellery Collection Book Organizer Necklace Display

Jewelry storage book display is like a book, Pages can be increased or decreased, make your life orderly.
You can redesign the plates,e.g: earrings, necklaces, bracelets and rings according to your needs. 
Neat, fashionable and classy. At the same time, it plays a very good role in protecting our jewelry
Travel, make-up, travel and go home ,this book display is good travel partner.
 This is the best gift for friends, girlfriends, mothers, wives.

Core Competitiveness

Product line
We can make large orders for mass wool felted mat, full-line mechanized production and perfect sewing technique, in order to stable quality and fast delivery.
Professional foreign trade team
We have professional and excellent foreign trade personnel, more than 15 years of experience, can be familiar with the export process, deal with customs clearance, shipping, air transport, railway, understand the certificate of origin, payment methods ,and various foreign exchange settlement.
About design
We own a young design team , professional in making and designing wool felted mats, always leading the way in designing,Hope to bring you good enjoyment and service.
we work with many local agent who buy our products for retail to the world. 

Frequently Asked Question

  • Q What's the difference with other factories?

    A We have a young design team, and update new and fashionable styles.
  • Q What are your advantages in foreign trade?

    A We have 15 years of import and export experience.can skilled in shipping, air transportation and customs clearance
  • Q Do you hace a warranty?

    A Yes,We guarantee after-sale treatment
  • Q How about logo?

    A can use our logo , also can customize it to your needs
  • Q can you provide OEM and ODM service?

    Yes, OEM service is available,also we have our own brand “Millai”and “Joymindy”.
  • Q How to determine the order quality ?

    A we can comfirm according to sample, or The terms of the contract

Felt products suppliers from China - wool felted mats: authoritative guide

1.What are the advantages of wool felted mat?
2.You have several types of wool felted mats?
3.What is the main material of the wool felted mat?
4.What are the functions of the wool felted mat?
5.Is the wool felted mat durable?
6.What is the price/performance ratio of wool felted mat?
7.Can I customize the wool felted mat?
8.What are the colors of the wool felted mat?
9.How to clean the wool felted mat?
10.What is the starting amount of wool felted mat?
11.Where can the wool felted mat be placed?
12.How about the quality service of wool felted mat?

1.What are the advantages of wool felted mat?

*Felt is a new type of environmentally friendly material, which will not shed or fade
*Earthquake resistance, wear resistance, heat insulation, flame retardant and self-extinguishing, effective fire prevention
*Fashionable, can be made in various shapes, with decorative effects
*Water-absorbing, oil-proof, easy to clean.
Under platter mat material, wool felted mat is considered as one of the primary ones. These wool felted mats are considered to be pleasing; they are also including colourful designs which help to make the mat more customised. Also, this is a new kind of environment-friendly material which will shed or fade. Moreover, this wool felted mat is resistant to earthquake and heat insulation too. Another benefit which will help you to grab the attention to buy this wool felted mat is due to flame retardant as well as self –extinguishing. Also, it can help to prevent fire. It is fashionable enough and available in different colours which can further be customised in different shapes and sizes including decorative effects. Also, the wool felted mat absorbs water very easily, oil proof and very easy to maintain and clean. If you find any stain on these wool felted mats you just need to rinse it with warm water. It is widely used because of its functionality and can be kept anywhere. The wool felted mat can also lasts long for long time if it’s taken cares and prevented well. It does not get wrinkled which means that you do not need to iron it after wash. It is also much more resistant than other fabric wool is because it does not fray. So, even if the wool felted mat will get much of stressed it will not get erode.

2.You have several types of wool felted mats?

plate mat, coaster, table mat, mousepad, painting mat
There are several kinds of wool felted mats are available:-
    •Plate mat- You can able to create a stylish ambience as well as modern decor with such decorative plate mat. These plate mats are available with different colours, styles and even of hand made to add an extra ting to your decor. Because of its resistant to water and heat you can able to place these mats at any place.
    •Coaster Mat- Not only it is useful for your dine-in purpose but also you can choose this according to your house decor. This will add an extra visual to your entire dining place. It can also be considered as an object to decor your place inclusion with various facilities.
    •Table mat- Felt table mat has different variations which will be loved by all. It will surely give you the pleasure to your eyes once you see it and totally will match your interior decor.
    •Mouse pad mat- Generally felt mouse pad mat are much smoother than the normal ones. 
Also, these mats are useful for gaming purpose or also available if you want to take it for designing. They are not only available in solid primary colours but also in different other varied attractive colours. Moreover, you can also get the same as per your customised design.
    •Painting mat- Not only felt mat is restricted to users but also the artist can explore their creativity in such mats. This is specifically used to grip the artist’s paper. This mat is useful because it provides friction that helps the artist to not lose the grip and do the art precisely.

3.What is the main material of the felt mat?

Felt is a textile material which can be produced by matting, bur pressing other fibres together. Felt is made of natural wool or synthetic fibres. Also apart from matting, it is used in several other purposes. As felt is made of wool, it has its gripping quality and due to that, it has its longevity too. Other raw materials are also included during its making due to which it becomes thicker.

4.What are the functions of the wool felted mat?

It can be stored or used to decorate the room,
The felt material is soft and can be folded up when not in use without taking up space
Absorb water and oil, keep the table top clean.
    •The primary function of the wool felted mat is for its decor of the room because of its unique quality, designs, magnificent colours and its elegant appearance.
    •It also does not take much space when not in use, as because the material is soft and can be folded up when not required.
    •You can also keep the wool felted mat on the tabletop to keep the table clean as it absorbs dust, oil and water.
    •You can also make the wool felted mat useful for your kids to play with the same and also for the use of kid’s toys.
    •You can also consider it to be a yoga mat as it is very soft and durable.
    •Felt can further be used to make comfortable and beautiful soft pet cat house because of its durability and it can also bear the weight very easily. The colour can also be customised as per its own need.
    •You can also make women tote bag from felt; it can be trendy in design as well as also women will feel very comfortable to carry the same. The material is very easy to clean also.
    •Felt can also be used to make your jewellery display as well as a necklace. You can make plates of it as per your needs where you can put different pieces of jewellery like bracelets, earrings and many more. These will be neat, classy as well as fashionable too.

5.Is the wool felted mat durable?

Felt is durable.
Most of wool felted mats are used for tabletop, so it is not necessary to consider the bearing capacity, beauty and dirt resistance. We will carefully choose fabrics to increase durability.
When cleaning and washing,  it is necessary to wash with cold water, not machine wash.
The wool felted mat is durable. In most cases the felt is used for tabletop, so you can understand its bearing capacity, beauty as well as resistance to dirt. Also, while making the fabric, it should be chosen carefully to increase its durability. Make sure when you clean the material you do with warm or cold water instead of machine wash. Moreover, it is also resistant to wear as well as tearing. It is also considered a good insulator of both temperature and sound for both residential and non-residential applications. Even the non-woven fabric will hold its edges and will not get uneven when will be cut.

6.What is the price/performance ratio of wool felted mats?

The performance of the wool felted mat is high concerning the cost. Generally, as per its availability, the felt material is available at a very cheap rate as well as the plasticity is very low and so the price is at the lower side. As we already know that the material is durable, strong, easily can be customised, longevity is more, fashionable resistant to eat and also absorbs water so its performance can be concluded as to be high.

High cost performance
Because the felt material is cheap, but the plasticity is strong, the intermediate cost is low.
And felt material wear-resistant, durable, fashion, long life,so the overall cost performance is very high.

7.Can I customize the wool felted mat?

Yes, it can be always customised.
According to the customer’s choice of colour, material and design, the material can be customised very easily. Moreover, in most of the companies, you will find that there are some particularly skilled team which helps the customers to produce such customised wool felted mat. One of the most important things is that these wool felted mats are very easy to handle and because of that customisation can be done very easily. You will meet an expert from the field who will do the customisation very easily even without compromising on its quality. You can get some tailor-made designs where even the cost will go very low. The price may vary as per its design and quantity of the wool felted mat.
Not only in the wool felted mat, but you can customise felt fabric in many ways by making some beautiful art and craft for kids, the same can also be used in bean felt bags, different home decor, making of beautiful floral garlands, ornaments to design your mugs, you can also gift and customized the felt in the small plant for your loved ones in their birthdays or any special occasion. For kids, you can also make some felt balls of multicolour and put it with some amazing patchworks.

Yes,It can be customized
According to the drawing, can also make as the sample, or discuss the design by the idea
The price varies according to the quantity

8.What are the colors of the wool felted mat?

The wool felted mat is available in a range of colours starting from around more than 45 colours. The customers actually can look up to the colour shade based on the colour palette which is always available in every store. There are 8 large groups of colours under which all the other shades are available, they are- grey, yellow, green, blue, red, pink, brown and marble colour. Under every series, you will get more colours of that shade which you can choose from for your wool felted mat as per your required decor. The felt is dyed with plant-based textile and then the dye is heated to get set. The process approximately takes around 6 hours. Colours are always made up of samples so that it matches the standard colours.
At present, there are 45 colors to choose from. Customers can determine the color they want according to the color card.
There are 8 large series: gray, yellow, green, blue, red, pink, brown, marble
In each series, there are specific colors to match.

9.How to clean the wool felted mat?

Wash with cold water. Do not use bleaching powder and other chemical agents for bleaching.
Try to use hand washing, do not use washing machine, in order to avoid damaging the appearance.
When cleaning by hand light pressure way, more dirty parts only need to rub gently, do not brush with a brush.
The use of shampoo and moistening agent can reduce the phenomenon of hair ball.
After cleaning, try to hang the felt products in a ventilated place and dry them naturally.
If you need to dry, please use low temperature drying, high temperature will lead to deformation and even burnt paste.
You should wash it with cold water and do not use any kind of chemical or bleaching powder to wash it. It is a very soft material and applying those harsh materials can ruin the material or softness of the fabric. Also, you must carefully wash it with your hand and do not wash with any machine as it will then lose its beautiful appearance. As you will be cleaning the mat with gentle hands, but if you find any particular dirt at any place choose to wash it with your hand only instead of putting or washing it with any brush. 
Do not use any moistening or shampoo to clean the fabric as it will reduce the composition of a hairball. Once you clean any felt products make sure you put them or hang them in an open airy space and it should get dried up naturally. If you see or required to dry it through a machine out the machine temperature at low because putting the same at high temperature will reduce its deformation or even can get burnt. Spot cleaning can easily be done as it will help to eliminate all kind of small stains. You just need to take up a soft cloth and wet the same and then just dab on it to remove the stain completely. Once you are washing it with your hand and if you find any colour in the bucket do not tense about it much as it is normal and the extra dye which is in the bucket. You will not at all see any loss of water once the wash is made completely.

10.What is the starting amount of wool felt mat?

Small order, MOQ 1 pc, through international express delivery
Large order, MOQ 500 pcs, can be delivered by express, sea, air,railway
The price is determined according to different data. The more quantity, the lower the price
If you place a small order or small quantity MOQ 1 pc, then it can be ordered from international express delivery. If you opt for large quantity order then MOQ 500 pcs, then it can be delivered through sea, air or railway.
The amount is calculated based on different data like quality, design, quantity to be precise but more the quantity the lesser is the price.

11.Where can the wool felt mat be placed?

Wool felt mats are used in all kinds of desktop, desk, dining table, tea table, dressing table, bedside table, conference table.
As already discussed above its usage and functions, wool felt mat can be placed anywhere of your home or office space. Because of its easy usage and maintenance, wool felt mat can be placed above the dining table, in the sitting table, drawing table, office table, tea table, study table, conference table, yoga place, above tabletop in kitchen and can every place in the house as a decor item too.

12.How about the quality service of wool felt mat?

Before sale: the warehouse will check the order carefully according to the requirements of the order, which can only be delivered if it meets the requirements.
Before the final sale of the product, the company looks after wool felt mat‘s quality. There is a specific for each product line, foreign trade team and design team which keep a check on the quality of the material as well as about the design which suits the customer requirement. Also, the specific certificate can be given on the assurance of the quality to the customers. A sample can also be given to the customer to understand the design and quality of the product before the final order. Quality check does not last here; post-delivery the company is also here to meet the entire customer service requirement based on the product. The skilled team will always be in communication with the customer to understand the requirement of the customer and can also compensate if required along with validated proof. So, without any worries now you can easily able to buy your required felt mat not only at an affordable rate but also in varied customised products.

After sales: customer service will always keep track of communication, any problem can be raised in time, if the problem is serious, it can be redone or compensated

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