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Millai:Your Trusted felt christmas stocking wholesaler

Christmas is coming soon, and felt Christmas stocking has become a popular Christmas decoration in recent years.
Millai is the best wholesales of christmas stocking in China.
Together with good-performance production equipment, Millai can offer you awesome and best felt christmas stocking
Millai is your one-stop solution for all your felt christmas stocking need. 
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Millai:A High-Quality Felt Christmas stocking Wholesaler
We provide customers with Christmas stocking with competitive prices, high quality and professional service attitude

Multiple style

We have a variety of styles of 
christmas stockings to meet all 
your needs.

Support customization

Tell you the style, usage, color and quantity you need.
Discuss, modify details and quote according to requirements.
Pay the sample fee.
Make samples.

Quality assurance

The drawings are made by computer, and the cutting and engraving 
are carried out by fully 
automatic machines. 
The size control is precise and 
accurate without errors.

Price advantage

Compared with the highest felt manufacturers, on the basis of guaranteed quality, the price is 
more favorable. We can ensure that customers can get Christmas stockings at the right price and quality.
Get Millai Felt Christmas Stocking Delight Your Customers
Felt may have a reputation for being a kid's crafting supply, but it can be so much more than that. During the Christmas season, there are plenty of chic ways to decorate your house and your christmas stocking using this versatile fabric!
Great Quality
Made of premium felt fabric, no bad smells and non-toxic for kids. You will save lots of money because it is durable and reusable.
Easy to Use
A sturdy hanging strap on the top make it portable for door or wall decorations. Double sided Velcro on the tree surface and the back of ornaments, make your kids easy to attach or take off.
Full of Fun
The multiple pcs colorful, different patterns and detachable ornaments are cute toys for kids. They will enjoy the process of decorating the tree.
Kid’s Activity
Your little toddler can learn things by themselves in a pleasant atmosphere. They will decorate and redecorate it almost every day, which is very suitable to exercise their hand-eye coordination, fine motor skills or color recognition.
Millai Felt Christmas Stocking :Your Best Choice

OEM/ODM Services

In order to meet the market's demand and provide the suitable solution,Millai ,as a felt storage bag wholesale,offers professional customized service  for the customers. Our disciplined team approach allows us to be ahead of our competition in product development cycle time without compromising quality. Millai is committed to delivering quality solutions to our customers through our OEM/ODM services. We are an expert in our field, as you are with yours. 
Millai is committed to serving global solution integrators with flexible tailor-made designs and manufacturing services. Delivered straight from
our corporate OEM/ODM Team, the felt storage bag benefit our clients by lower manufacturing costs as well as a shorter lead-time for product development.

Christmas stocking wholesale: we are the best supplier

As a Christmas stocking wholesale, Millai completes large Christmas stocking orders with stable quality, perfect sewing technology, fast delivery speed and competitive prices.
And Millai can provide professional customized services for customers who need Christmas stocking, and produce Christmas stocking according to customers' needs.

Frequently Asked Question

  • Q What's the difference with other factories?

    A We have a young design team, and update new and fashionable styles.
  • Q What are your advantages in foreign trade?

    A We have 15 years of import and export experience.can skilled in shipping, air transportation and customs clearance
  • Q Do you hace a warranty?

    A Yes,We guarantee after-sale treatment
  • Q How about logo?

    A can use our logo , also can customize it to your needs
  • Q can you provide OEM and ODM service?

    Yes, OEM service is available,also we have our own brand “Millai”and “Joymindy”.
  • Q How to determine the order quality ?

    A we can comfirm according to sample, or The terms of the contract

Felt bag wholesale from China - felt storage bags: authoritative guide

Wool felt, as early as 6500 years ago in the nomadic period, has been a essential product in people's lives.The origin of the felt is unknown, it cannot be identified exactly where the first felt was made, but it is believed to have originated in prehistoric times in Central Asian country Mongolia or Serbia.

Nowadays allover the world use felt not only waterproof but also heat insulation, strong, light, because of its own unique elements and structure, so that it’s feel simple and delicate, and neat outline.
1. What are the advantages of felt?
2. Why purchase felt storage bags from China?
3. What are the common felt products in daily life?
4. What are the advantages of a felt storage bag?
5. Blanket package OEM / OEM service of Millaifelt
6. What are the main types of felt storage bags in Millaifelt?
7. How to maintain the felt storage bag?
8. How Can I purchase felt materials from Millaifelt?
9. What color choices are available for felt storage bag materials?
10. I am an e-commerce seller. What services available for me?
11. How to guarantee the quality of felt storage bags?
12. What is the durability of felt storage bags?
13. What is the load-bearing capacity of felt storage bags?
14. How long is the production cycle of felt storage bag?

1. What are the advantages of felt?

Felt fabric has many advantage. That’s why felt become more popular in everywhere. 

Felt is Shock proof, wear-resistant, sealed, heat preservation, elastic, it also can use for decoration. Although felt has the advantages of low cost, simple manufacturing process and high performance

2. Why purchase felt storage bags from China?

China is the largest producer of felt products in the world. There are many reason to purchase felt storage bag from china. Because of china not only producer of felt but also Chinese felt manufacturing has historical development of felt storage bag with research and development institute. 
If you have a large quantity, we can give you the most affordable price on the premise of ensuring the quality. As the most professional felt storage bags supplier in China, Millaifelt can provide a full range of services from design, manufacturing, logistics, after-sales, etc
storage bags in China has a very perfect supply chain, we can meet all your need

3. What are the common felt products in daily life?

Felt products have a wide range of applications, because of its strong plasticity, they can be made into different shapes. There are anti collision stickers, sound insulation board, cultural wall, dry flower barrel, storage box,  felt storage bag,knitting bag, laptop bag,shopping bag, lunch bag, cosmetic bag,shoulder bag, handbag, glasses bag, laundry bag, etc,which is made of felt.

4. What are the advantages of a felt storage bag?

There are many advantages of  felt storage bag. If we talk about felt storage bag then we can say it safe from nature, environmental protection, health, renewable materials, 100% recyclable, Strong and flexible, tight and strong organization, good wear resistance, heat insulation and shock proof, better protect your property;
The color of the  felt storage bag is gorgeous and eye-catching, exquisite, beautiful and elegant, and no ironing, no fading, no deformation, no mildew;
With comfortable touch and strong three-dimensional feeling, the laser hollowing technology makes the style more novel and unique, even can be formed in one piece.
Felt storage bag has the characteristics of waterproof, warm keeping, loose cushioning and so on.
It is not only fashionable but also practical to make various bags.
The biggest feature of  felt storage bag is its recyclability, which is very environmentally friendly

5. Blanket package OEM / OEM service of Millaifelt

Basically price will varies according to the quantity and delivery time. If you need urgent we can manufacture by your required time. We always consider and priority about customer needs.  

Felt also can use for Blanket package. According to size and drawing, we can also make blanket package by discuss the design according to the idea of modern style. 

6. What are the main types of felt storage bags in Millaifelt?

Felt Shopping Bag: we make different types of shopping bag, there are many style and color available. Our shopping bag has good quality and it can be used for daily use or shopping.
Felt Inner Bag: Basically inner bag used for the inner lining of the bag, which is easy to arrange and make the items in the bag more tidy and classified. And we use felt fabric for make inner bag what are more smart and convenient for arrange all stuff inside of bag.  
Felt Storage Bag: storage bag is very important stuff for arrange goods. There are many storage bag available in Millaifelt such as cosmetic bag, jewelry storage bag, glasses bag, card ba

7. How to maintain the felt storage bag?

Felt storage bag maintaining is not so difficult, it’s very easy and convenient than any other types of bag. Following few direction can help you to maintain your  felt storage bag;

     a ) Room temperature can be stored indoors, 
     b ) do not use heavy weight to avoid deformation.
     c ) Always use high quality soft wool brush to remove dust on the surface to keep the bright color and appearance of wool felt.
     d ) Let wool fabric rest from time to time, so that wool fiber has time to breathe and restore its natural characteristics.
     e ) However, if the towel is treated with semi dry fibers, please be careful not to leave stain marks on the towel.
     f ) Do not use warm, hot water or bleach to clean the stains of wool products.
     g ) If you need to knead, please do it gently to avoid damage to the fiber quality.
     h ) If there is wool ball on the surface due to friction, it can be cut off directly with small scissors, which will not affect the appearance of wool felt fabric.
     i ) When collecting, please wash and dry completely, then seal and install.
     j ) Wash with cold water when washing. 
     k) Do not use bleaching powder and other chemical agents for bleaching. Only choose neutral detergent with pure wool logo and bleach free.
     l ) Try to use hand washing, do not use washing machine, in order to avoid damaging the appearance.
     m ) When cleaning by hand light pressure way, more dirty parts only need to rub gently, do not brush with a brush.
     n ) The use of shampoo and moistening agent can reduce the phenomenon of hair ball.
After cleaning, try to hang the felt products in a ventilated place and dry them naturally.
     o ) If you need to dry, please use low temperature drying, high temperature will lead to deformation and even burnt paste.
In the above we try to tell about felt storage bag maintaining procedure. It could be helpful for safe your felt made product. Basically when you took extra care of your  felt storage bag it could be long last than any other types of bag.   

8. How Can I purchase felt materials from Millaifelt?

We can supply felt materials from china. Our factory is enough for your required materials. We have our own felt production factory and complete supply chain service. 

From felt factory and felt product factory, to professional import and export service. From the beginning of raw materials to transportation to the destination port, we can solve all the troubles for customers. If you need any inquiry about felt juts contact with Millaifelt. Our seals Representative will consult you about our product.

Millaifelt is a best and good manufacturer of felt fabric and felt made goods.  

9. What color choices are available for felt storage bag?

We are manufacture many color  felt storage bag. At present, there are 45 colors to choose from Millaifelt . Customers can determine the color they want according to the color card
There are 8 large series: gray, yellow, green, blue, red, pink, brown, marble
In each series, there are specific matching color

10. I am an e-commerce seller. What services available for me?

We can provide you with small batch customization service. If you have your own brand, we can print it on the product and package.
We have a professional team of designers, if you have any product needs about felt, as long as you provide us with pictures, we can customize the design for you.
We have our own professional shooting team, you don't need to take photos of products, we can provide you with high quality product master map.
China's logistics and express is very developed, our factory is very close to the port, we can provide you with door-to-door service.
11. How to guarantee the quality of felt storage bags?
We always respect our customer and ensure to provide original felt storage bag according to customer requirements. There and nothing to worry about quality and guarantee. Before sale: the warehouse will check according to the order requirements and deliver the goods in 3-10 days
After sales: after sale we always care about our customer review. customer service will keep track of communication, any problem we can be raised in time, if the problem is serious, we will provide compensated.
12. What is the durability of felt storage bags?
Felt storage bag is durable because of its wear resistance. We have different design considerations for different products. If it is a jewelry storage bag, we need to consider the beauty and capacity, as well as wear resistance, we will carefully choose the fabric to increase durability. 
For the inner case, if we consider the classification and storage, as well as the hand sensitivity and smoothness, we will choose soft cloth. First, it is easy to shape; second, considering the user's experience, the three soft fabrics are more folded and not easy to break to increase the durability. 
For example, red wine gift bags, we need to consider anti-collision, wear-resistant, load-bearing, in carrying bags on the line and accessories technology will pay more attention to, to increase durability.
13. What is the load-bearing capacity of felt storage bags?
Load bearing capacity will depend on different styles, depending occasion. Also depend on according to accessories. There are many felt storage bag we manufacture as like as red win bag, tissue bag, shopping bag, glass bag, etc. Different types of bag has different capacity and all are made by felt but there has different processing of manufacturing.   

Red wine bag: felt made red wine bag is very good quality and it is necessary to pay attention to the bearing capacity to protect the red wine bottle. The production process and material selection are the top priority. There are 2 bottles, 4 bottles and 6 bottles. Different designs will adopt different designs. 
Although we can make it according to customer requirement. Some of customer always want best quality and good price, some of customer need more quantity and low price. But we always care about quality and more safety. 
Tissue box: Nowadays tissue box is common for our life and it become more fashionable and customer always looking for good and beautiful style. Felt made tissue box are very useful for making fashionable tissue box. 
And need to follow about quality and capacity of bearing tissue Although paper towel loaded is very light and does not need load-bearing capacity, but we should pay more attention to the modeling and convenient use
Shopping bag: Shopping bag not only for bearing product it also symbol of beauty and brand. So that we need to consider the bearing capacity with exotic design and style. We choose 3 mm thick felt cloth for the bag body, which will not be very hard or easy to break. We use the combination of leather and felt for the bag carrying belt, and use the back needle to step on the thread to improve the firmness. 
Our designer always follow about fashionable and good bearing capacity.We have a professional design and production team, in the face of different products will be combined with different applications and occasions, will use different technology and cloth.
14. How long is the production cycle of felt storage bag?
Basically it’s depend on regular type,we have enough stock, custom delivery 2 days, according to different order data, different delivery time. 
Sometimes it depend on customer order quantities, sometimes it depends on different colors, even some time there are some issue about customers required custom made material and manufacturing process. What are need to design and need to follow special manufacturing process.     
But In our shelves of products, we will reserve a certain amount of inventory, not enough part of the production arrangements. 
For customized products, the design team will make flowchart after communicating with customers' ideas, arrange proofing after finalization, and arrange production after confirmation. An order of 20GP container can be completed within 20 days.

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